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The Art of Better Questioning in Classrooms

Posted by Sunitha Anupkumar on November 13, 2020

The art of asking the right questions needs to be necessarily built into the teaching-learning processes in our classrooms. While learning, ‘Questioning the answers is as important as answering the questions’. And children need to learn this in their formative years.

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A Tale of Two Inspired School Leaders

Posted by Sunitha Anupkumar on November 30, 2019

Transformation in learning is not a momentary wave. At Chrysalis, we believe it is like a ripple. A ripple that grows and builds itself up, gaining strength as it moves forward, and most importanly, causing more ripples on its way. 

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Pedagogy - The 'Science' and 'Art' of Teaching

Posted by Sunitha Anupkumar on November 25, 2019

People often talk about their ‘pedagogical approach’ to teaching and learning. But what does it actually mean?

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#ChildrenOfChrysalis - A Day in a Social Studies Class

Posted by Sunitha Anupkumar on November 19, 2019

This is a Social Studies class on ‘New Religions’ of the world. But this is not just about learning the years in Lord Buddha's life or the basic tenets of Buddhism. The children explore these tenets on their own.

Think deep.

Discuss the efficacy of the tenets in their every day life. And draw their own conclusions and answers.

Meditation - lesson video ver4
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[Chrysalian Speak] The Teacher who Chose Free Expression Over Spelling Correction

Posted by Sunitha Anupkumar on September 26, 2019

“I was battling between two thoughts. Should I correct the spellings or should I focus on how well the child has understood the question and how creatively she has woven her understanding in the form of an answer. I chose the latter. Spellings...made a note in my handbook to include it in my lesson plan.”  - Teacher, Chrysalis Partner School

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A Letter from the Future

Posted by Sunitha Anupkumar on September 20, 2019

Note: Have you ever received "A Letter from the Future"? A letter from one of your current 2nd grade students maybe? Here's one such letter. Dear Educator, the future looks up to you. There's a lot of hope and joy in store there. Because, we know you cared for this child today! Read on...

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#SmallBIGideas to transform Formative Education in Schools

Posted by Sunitha Anupkumar on August 17, 2019

Presenting, some #SmallBigIdeas that can transform Formative Education in your schools. They are seemingly small but definitely impactful. Because, all you would need is an open mind and a willing heart. 

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Art of Questioning – Have we Lost it Completely?

Posted by Sunitha Anupkumar on March 21, 2018

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Believe in the child

Because, the world believes in you

Every child in your school has a unique and extraordinary contribution to make, in building a beautiful world. And the power to help them fulfill this purpose lies with you, the School Leader. To believe in who they truly are, and not what the society wants them to be.

Chrysalis awakens a child's mind to enable whole-child development, while ensuring real academic excellence.

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