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How to Create a Lesson Plan Format for a Blended Learning Setup

Posted by Team Chrysalis on July 3, 2021

Morning assembly, back-to-back classes, a rushed lunch and then back to classes. And it still does not end because you would have to prepare for the next day. Such is a day in the life of a teacher. Hands down, the recipe to a successful day in teaching and learning is a thoughtfully designed, executed, and technologically aided lesson plan.

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Overcoming Post-pandemic Learning Loss when Schools Reopen

Posted by Team Chrysalis on June 28, 2021

A year into the pandemic, the world stands witness to a massive shift in the way our children were/are being educated. With the classrooms turning virtual, teaching and learning became a coveted privilege - for those who had access to a stable internet connection. A study by UNESCO1 shows an average learning loss of two-thirds of an academic year worldwide due to COVID-19 school closures. We can imagine what this learning loss would look like in a country like India where even a regular power supply is a challenge in some parts. The field study by Azim Premji University2 suggests that not only are children not achieving learning outcomes of their current grade, but there is also a learning loss from the previous grade (forgetting previously learnt concepts).

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Believe in the child

Because, the world believes in you

Every child in your school has a unique and extraordinary contribution to make, in building a beautiful world. And the power to help them fulfill this purpose lies with you, the School Leader. To believe in who they truly are, and not what the society wants them to be.

Chrysalis awakens a child's mind to enable whole-child development, while ensuring real academic excellence.

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