Benefits of Activity Based Learning

May 2, 2022 5:00:00 PM | Activity Based Learning Benefits of Activity Based Learning

Activity based learning encourages students to actively take part in learning through practical activities. Know the benefits of activity based learning.

Have you ever wondered why students or for that matter even adults remember movies scene-by-scene even when they have watched it once? But they do not remember theoretical concepts they may have read multiple items. Well,  the brain processes various types of information differently. Some students are better able to retain information when it’s presented to them in visual forms while others learn by gaining hands-on experience. It is therefore important for teachers to ensure that students are not just passive recipients of the information but rather active learners. Activity based learning encourages active participation in the class. 

What is activity based learning? 

 In simple words,  activity based learning means incorporating fun activities everyday learning. In simple words, it means learning by doing. This is in contrast to traditional learning where students are simply asked to listen and take notes. Activity based learning encourages students to actively take part in learning through practical activities. 

How to introduce activity-based learning in your school?  

Chrysalis ThinkRoom programme offers a research based framework that helps in developing children’s skills and capability through activity-based learning solutions and tech-enabled features. Our ThinkRoom Chrysalis books have colourful images and activities so students understand and retain what they've learned. 

Regular textbooks are filled with chunks of texts with no activities. All lessons in our books are linked with activities that encourage students to explore, experiment and learn independently. Our ThinkRoom Programme through activity-based activities seeks to equip children with problem-solving, critical and creative skills. We also bring to you advantages of artificial intelligence in education through our supportive learning management system. The AI-driven advanced technology helps in recommending activities. 

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Here some benefits of activity based learning

  • Help students understand concepts: By encouraging students to perform activities that involve use of their hands and mind, activity based learning helps students retain information without the need for memorising it by heart. This process of attaining knowledge through  experimentation, also known as experiential learning, helps students learn without rote.
  • Encourage independent thinking: By letting students work on their own or in small groups, activity based learning not just encourages self-learning but independent thinking. Students learn from their own experience and use their learnings to come to conclusions rather than being told what they are supposed to learn. 
  • Improves social skills: In a traditional classroom, students take notes while the teacher speaks. There is little room for brainstorming. Activity based learning allows students to work teamwork and learn social skills.  Through activity based learning, students learn how to present their ideas. 
  • Real-life applications: Often students find lessons boring because they don't understand the relevance of lessons in their life. Activity based learning helps students understand the concepts and their real life applications. This makes understanding concepts easier.  

Offers a safe learning environment: Activity based learning encourages kids to be creative in a safe learning environment. During activities students make mistakes and learn from each other. Activity based learning provides students an opportunity to express themselves. While doing fun activities students often do not shy from asking questions. This creates a safe learning environment.

Written By: Chrysalis