Flipped Classroom and Blended Learning Activities for Kindergartners

Mar 15, 2022 6:59:11 PM | flipped classroom blended learning Flipped Classroom and Blended Learning Activities for Kindergartners

Flipped classroom and blended learning offer a newer and better way for students to engage and learn in a class.

Flipped classroom and blended learning offer a newer and better way for students to engage and learn in a class. Unlike the traditional teaching method which is passive, flipped classroom and blended learning are full of interactions and discussions. Blended learning is a combination of different learning styles and one of them is flipped classroom learning. 

What is a flipped classroom?  

Usually in classrooms, teaching happens in the school and homework happens at home. In a Flipped learning environment, the teaching of a concept happens at home using videos shared by the teacher and classroom time is devoted towards  discussions, doubt clarifications, worksheet completions and problem-solving. 

Why flipped classrooms and blended learning are popular? 

  • Students develop self-learning skills. 
  • Teachers can create more engaging lessons.
  • The whole class can participate. 
  • The teacher can assess the student understanding easily and guide the students who lack the conceptual understanding
  • The teacher can devote more time towards developing important work and life skills like questioning, communication, collaboration, and more

By taking advantage of technology, teachers can make flipped classrooms and blended learning effective and engaging for students. For learning to be effective for kindergartners, teachers need to carefully choose suitable flipped classroom activities for particular lessons. 

Here we share with you some flipped classroom and blended learning activities for kindergartners: 

  1. Think-pair-share activities:
While flipped classrooms and blended learning approaches are extremely beneficial, it is important to have the right combination of online and offline activities. It is a learning strategy where students work in pairs to solve a problem or answer a question. Think-pair-share activities help students: 
  • To think independently 
  • Share ideas with classmates 
  • Builds oral communication skills.

These activities can be conducted for any subject. For instance, a teacher can ask students to make a list of vegetables and fruits. Students can work in pairs and share their answers with the class. 

  1. Stump your partner: This is an interesting activity that allows students to ask questions to other students. Divide the class into two groups. One group will create challenging questions based on the lesson studied. The group has to answer those questions. This is a great way to gauge students’ understanding of the lesson taught.
  2. Team quiz: Whether teachers want to teach shapes, addition or subtraction, about seasons, a great way to teach is to conduct quizzes. A quick multiple-choice quiz before the class starts is a great way to assess the level of the class. Once students have submitted their answers, have other students review them. You can even divide the class into groups that discuss the answers and can reach a consensus. Have each group submit one answered quiz. This will enable students to discuss different topics and collaborate to arrive at an answer. These quizzes can be conducted online as well as offline. 

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Written By: Chrysalis