How Hybrid Model of Teaching can Improve the Learning Culture in Your School?

Mar 23, 2022 5:48:20 PM | ThinkRoom programme How Hybrid Model of Teaching can Improve the Learning Culture in Your School?

Chrysalis's thinkroom programme introduces a new age hybrid teaching model. Know the points on how hybrid model of teaching can improve the learning culture in schools.

The hybrid model of teaching has become quite popular in India because of the pandemic. As the schools prepare to reopen, the hybrid model of teaching will allow the integration of digital content with face-to-face learning. The hybrid learning model has many different forms in different schools. Hybrid learning is quite similar to the blended learning approach. Both involve a mix of in-person and online learning,  however, scenarios are different. With hybrid learning, the in-person learners and the online students are different individuals. With blended learning, the same individuals learn both in person and online.

Many schools in India have adopted our ThinkRoom programme that combines face-to-face learning with digital tools to make learning adaptable and suitable for different types of learners. Mapped to the central and state curriculum, ThinkRoom programme drives a learning culture through games, videos and audios and team activities. Here is how ThinkRoom programme can help the hybrid model of teaching drive the learning culture in your school.

  1. Improved engagement: Reading from a text can not just be monotonous but also difficult to remember. Educational videos, audio clips and gamification not only transform learning into an enjoyable experience but also help students retain information effortlessly. When students understand concepts better, they are more likely to participate in the class. 
  2. Promotes self-learning: In hybrid learning models, teachers act as facilitators and guide learners to reach their own learning goals. Our ThinkRoom programme has several in-class and at-home activities that students can do in groups or solo. The activities are designed in such a way that learners play a significant role in their own learning. This way 
  3. Continuous reviews: In a traditional learning environment, students have to either wait for term-end results to get feedback or be proactive in the class to seek feedback. However, with our blended learning model, students, parents and teachers all can have access to students’ progress. The learning management system (LMS) allows immediate feedback and progress monitoring. Moreover, there are daily activities such as sub-topic quizzes and other activities that help gauge students’ progress in the class. In the LMS, the performance dashboard helps understand students’ strengths and weaknesses. This makes it easier for teachers to step in at the right time. Knowing about their progress motivates students to learn. 
  4. Personalised learning: No two students learn the same way and our ThinkRoom programme supports different learning styles. As it involves a variety of instructional approaches, the learning activities suit different learning styles. Teachers can also create additional exercises for students who are passionate about a particular subject or those who need extra attention.
  5. Empowered teachers: By incorporating our ThinkRoom learning model, teachers are able to reach out to every student in the class. Video, audio clips, gamified lessons and text-based study material, complement teachers’ desired style of teaching. They are also able to digitise content and assessing students is much easier. More than anything they create an emotionally safe learning space for students to learn and make mistakes.  

With the educational landscape being shaped by new technological advancements, ThinkRoom learning model gives both students and teachers the power to bring in the best of classroom and hybrid teaching. Our Thinkroom Programme has helped over 1800+ schools in India to create the ideal blended environment. To know more about our programme and how it can benefit your school, schedule an appointment.

Written By: Chrysalis