Important Features of the Best LMS Portals for Schools

Mar 24, 2022 7:41:42 PM | best lms systems for schools Important Features of the Best LMS Portals for Schools

Know the important features of best LMS portals which are flexible and cost-effective platform for schools to manage classes.

LMS portals are a flexible and cost-effective platform for many schools to manage their in-class and remove classes. An LMS (Learning Management System) is an online platform that allows schools to manage all aspects of learning.  By combining online and classroom learning, LMS portals help students get the most out of their learning experience. It also helps schools by making the teaching process more efficient. Chrysalis ThinkRoom Programme is an LMS portal that is artificial intelligence-driven. Here’s we take a look at the features of the LMS portal: 

  1. Best of both worlds: Our blended learning model is a unique combination of classroom and online training. The LMS portal supports our ThinkRoom studios. Our studios are different from textbooks. Unlike regular textbooks, our ThinkRoom books are more like activity books. They take care of knowledge, understanding, application, and skill. To reinforce learning, we have an LMS portal that helps in making learning fun through online games, quizzes, animated videos and rhythmic audio clips. This way the students get the best of both worlds.
  2. Course digitisation and creation: In today’s digital world, technology integration into learning is essential and to a certain extent indispensable. The LMS portal gives schools tools to convert their content to interactive digital platforms. This way all the learning materials are easily accessible to each and every student as well as teachers. 
  3. Makes progress tracking easier for teachers: It’s good to teach your students through various learning styles, but you’ll have no baseline for measuring performance and improvement if you aren’t tracking their progress. Assessment is one of the most important features of the LMS portals. Data backed assessment and reporting of our LMS portal help teachers in tracking skills learned and assessments completed. It gives data-driven reports to schools and teachers to make informed decisions. In India, where classroom sizes are fairly large, this feature helps schools and teachers in giving personalised assessments and feedback to teachers. 
  4. Streamlined grading: The LMS portal not just allows teachers to assign work but also grade them. The online grading is less time consuming and more effective as parents are continuously updated with their child’s progress. There is a progress bar that helps parents to visually see how much progress their child has made. 
  5. Supplemental learning: Every school aims that students expand their horizons and learn beyond what is taught in the classroom. Our LMS portal is child-centred and ensures that learning is fun whether students are in the class or outside. The LMS portal allows teachers to give students assignments for supplemental learning. There are many AI-driven additional personalised learning recommendations for children. 
  6. Integrated platform ensures schools are organised:  Our LMS portal helps schools to stay organised by giving them tools to manage teacher and students accounts. The integrated scheduling allows schools to to plan in-class, live or remote learning.

Chrysalis ThinkRoom is one of the best blended learning programmes that empowers teachers and schools to provide the highest standards of education to their students. The blended learning programme also measures the quality of education in schools through 45 transformation parameters. The Transformation Report extensively shows schools how schools have progressed every term. To know more about the ThinkRoom programme, schedule an appointment.  

Written By: Chrysalis