This is All It Takes to Nurture Self-Regulation in Children of Your Class - #smallBIGidea 3

Aug 10, 2021 9:00:00 AM | This is All It Takes to Nurture Self-Regulation in Children of Your Class -  #smallBIGidea 3

Here's an easy but effective idea to nurture self-regulation in children of your class. Read on to know how you can design a Voice Meter for your classroom.


Children develop the foundational skill of self-regulation right from their formative years. Research has demonstrated that a large number of children who are able to effectively and flexibly manage their thoughts, feelings and actions have an easier time navigating social and learning environments. In a classroom, this skill can be nurtured by letting the child make their own choices and sticking with them, in their own small way.

Presenting...#smallBIGidea - 3

Design a Voice Meter for your Classroom to Bring in

Self-Regulation in Every Child


1 On a chart paper, make a big semi-circle and divide it into four parts - Silence, Whisper, Normal and Loud. OR you could just print out the image on Page 3 of this document
2 Give the chart a title - “Who can hear me now?”
3 Pin an ice-cream stick or an arrow at the centre of the semi circle to act as a pointer.

Every time there is an activity, move the voice meter to the relevant part:

a. Silence - the child works on his/her own

b. Whisper - when they work in pairs

c. Normal - for working in groups of 4 or more

d. Loud - it’s a whole class activity thing

5 Use this to set your classroom rules. Tell the children to look at the voice meter before deciding how they want to speak up

Pedagogic “Why” for the #SmallBIGidea:

Voice meter is an impactful classroom management technique to nurture self-regulation skills in the child. It is used to indicate collaboration level during classroom activities - from individual to whole class.

When used consistently, this helps children develop a sense of ownership of the tasks done in the class. They will be able to:

  1. Better modulate their emotions
  2. Stay focussed and pay attention to the task
  3. Ignore distractions
  4. Work well both in teams as well as individually
  5. Be empathetic towards others

All this leads to the child developing into a self-regulated, self-directed human being. 

Supporting research papers:

What are #smallBIGideas? 

Presenting, some #SmallBigIdeas that can transform Formative Education in your schools. They are seemingly small but definitely impactful. Because, all you would need is an open mind and a willing heart. 

What: One #smallBIGidea a week - just 1-minute reading time.  

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It is these simple ideas that can go on to bring a radical transformation. In your school. For the child.

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Written By: Sunitha Anupkumar