The Power of a Story: The Chrysalis Language Arts Programme.

Apr 25, 2023 7:07:11 PM | teachers The Power of a Story: The Chrysalis Language Arts Programme.

Language Arts Programme is the essential foundation for the use of language as a lifelong tool for thinking, creativity and learning.

Embrace Stories, Learn Languages Better!

How do you maximize learning while also building confidence and communication skills during a child’s first initial and crucial years? It’s simple, actually! What sets us apart as a species is our ability to imagine. Just think how our lives would be today if not for the imagination of our society’s creative thinkers and the efforts they put in to make that imagination a reality! We may not have enjoyed the comfort of our great cities, all this technology and constant progress in human evolution.

Telling stories, singing songs and saying rhymes together are great activities for early literacy skills; and your child will probably have a lot of fun at the same time. You and your child might like to make up your own stories or share family stories. Your child will learn words and develop language skills from the songs, stories and conversations you share together.

Using a language you’re comfortable with helps you to communicate more easily. It also helps to make reading, singing and storytelling more fun for you and your child. Your child will still learn that words are made up of different letters, syllables and sounds, and that words usually link to the pictures on the page.

Don’t worry if English isn’t your child’s first language. Being bilingual actually helps your child learn English when they start playgroup, kindergarten or school.

Language training, however, must go beyond just basic literacy to include the complete spectrum of learning aids and aim to give the child all the skills he/she would need to use language as the foundation for lifelong learning, creative thinking and self-expression.

The Chrysalis Language Arts Programme is the answer towards building and exercising the creative muscle in our children: a complete language learning programme for children from pre-KG to grade 1.

The programme helps the child acquire superior reading and writing skills by making the whole process of word recognition and association a lot easier and more fun to learn! It also promotes a child’s overall language skills development including speaking and communication, listening and comprehension, self-expression, creativity, and visual literacy.

Language Arts Programme is the essential foundation for the use of language as a lifelong tool for thinking, creativity and learning. This programme has proved to be able to engage and encourage even the most shy child in the class to come forward and eagerly participate in the whole learning process.

How the Language Arts Programme works

The programme includes a reading/writing module (story readers) and a communication module as well as training in visual arts. Schools that have adopted the programme have reported up to 3X improvement in reading abilities along with overall growth in language skills.

Reading and sharing stories can:

- help your child get to know sounds, words and language, and develop early literacy skills.

- spark your child’s imagination and stimulate curiosity.

- Aids in building emotional maturity.

- help develop your child’s brain, ability to focus, concentration, social skills, and communication skills.

- help your child learn the difference between ‘real’ and ‘make-believe’.

- help your child understand new or frightening events, and the strong emotions that come with them.

- Can help them understand concepts like empathy, loyalty, kindness, altruism etc.

- help your child learn about the world, their own culture, and other cultures.

Story Readers

Story readers are vastly more effective than conventional books to get a child acquainted and fall in love with language. With attractive illustrations, age-appropriate text and an array of fun yet intensely educational activities that draw the children in effortlessly, these story readers create a rich learning environment in which the child explores and discovers words and phrases through relatable visual stories or activities while developing higher language skills.

Communication module

A functional approach to language that teaches the child to listen actively and speak fluently, the programme aims to introduce children to a higher level of vocabulary without overwhelming them.

Visual and performing arts for Learning

The module has an array of fun exercises like visual expression, role-play, and dramatic play that will ignite the child’s creative thinking. It’s a well-proven fact that creative endeavors such as performance or visual arts can also nourish the love for language and foster a certain level of confidence in your child to communicate, be it with peers or adults.