How ThinkRoom Combines Synchronous and Asynchronous Blended Learning

Mar 14, 2022 9:10:04 PM | Models of Blended Learning How ThinkRoom Combines Synchronous and Asynchronous Blended Learning

Know different benefits and why schools & educators are adopting blended learning models as synchronous & asynchronous learning methods.

Blended learning is a unique approach that blends in-class as well as online learning. Many schools and educators are adopting blended learning models as synchronous and asynchronous learning methods have their different benefits. Let’s first look at what are synchronous and asynchronous learning methods and their benefits 

1. Synchronous learning: Synchronous learning is similar to traditional classroom learning. Students, whether present in the class or online, attend a class session at the same time as the teacher and other classmates.

Benefits of synchronous learning 

  • Human touch: A teacher-led classroom ensures that there is a personal touch that drives learner participation. 
  • Real-time participation: Teachers can present course content, such as videos, presentations, and quizzes in real-time. As students participate in these activities in real time, there is high engagement and collaboration among students. 
  • Instant feedback: A teacher can offer real-time insights to students. Also, at the same time, she can gauge whether or not the quality of instruction is effective.  
2. Asynchronous learning: This type of learning allows students to study offline or on their own. The teacher and student interaction doesn’t take place in real time. 

Benefits of asynchronous learning 

  • Flexibility: Students can complete asynchronous e-learning activities at their own pace. 
  • Reinforce learning: Asynchronous activities can be used to reinforce learning activities that were delivered in the class. 

ThinkRoom a unique combination of synchronous and asynchronous blended learning 

With the ThinkRoom programme, it’s not an either-or situation. The programme offers you the benefits of both synchronous and asynchronous learning methods and thus, offering students a better chance to succeed. ThinkRoom programme consists of both synchronous and asynchronous online learning technologies such as: 

  • Textbooks that are transformed into engaging and skill-building studios: Often when people think of synchronous learning, they imagine a teacher reading from a textbook and students will be answering questions from the set of questions. But Chrysalis textbooks are not like regular textbooks. They are designed to encourage students to think logically, creatively, and critically. The lessons are presented as a story or in the form of a conversation set in a real-life scenario. Sub-topics are also printed as rhymes or songs. This makes classroom learning fun and engaging. The best part is all the lessons are mapped to the state and central board curriculum.
skill-building studios
  • Digital tools: Powered by AI-driven global technology, ThinkRoom learning programme enhances synchronous and asynchronous blended learning by integrating technology into daily learning experiences. This integration allows teachers to use animated videos, audio clips and quizzes to reinforce learning and make classes more interactive and fun. There are several online games too that are meant for both classroom learning and asynchronous learning.
Digital tools
  • LMS portal: All the learning content is made available on the LMS portal which acts as a central hub not just for learning but also communications. The LMS portal has many quizzes, games and other activities that students can take part in at their own pace at their homes. These activities facilitate students to dwell on a topic in detail. The LMS portal helps teachers in managing, tracking, and delivery of different lessons and assignments. 

The ThinkRoom programme equips schools with the necessary tools to conduct synchronous and asynchronous blended learning that is interactive and engaging. To know more about Chrysalis Thinkroom, schedule an appointment.

Written By: Chrysalis