Professional Development for Teachers: Why is it Good for Students and Schools

May 1, 2022 1:25:38 PM | Professional Development for Teachers:  Why is it Good for Students and Schools

Professional development for teachers is not just good for their career growth but it is also good for students and schools.

Whoever teaches learns in the act of teaching, and whoever learns teaches in the act of learning. -- Paulo Freire, Brazilian educator and philosopher 

Learning is a never ending process. This phrase is true for everyone, particularly teachers. Professional development for teachers is not just good for their career growth but it is also good for students and schools. Through continuing education, career-minded teachers can constantly improve their skills and become more efficient at their jobs. 

Moreover, the pandemic and technological revolution have made it clear that the traditional classroom is not going to look the same now and in the coming years. To teach a 21st century generation, teachers, educators and schools need to ensure that their teaching practices match those of global standards.

How can schools ensure teachers continue their professional development? 

Schools can adopt Chrysalis ThinkRoom Programme to ensure continuous professional development of their teachers. Designed under the guidance of NCF (National curriculum framework) 2005, Chrysalis' ThinkRoom Programme can be adopted by any board or any school. It is a unique integrated academic program that equips teachers of early childhood learning center to class 12 with progressive teaching methods. The Continuous Professional Development training for teachers makes sure teachers are abreast with 21st century pedagogical techniques. 

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How do students and schools benefit from professional development for teachers? 

Here are some reasons why professional development for teachers is is it good for students and schools: 

  • They learn better ways to teach: When teachers learn new teaching techniques through professional development, they are more prepared to upgrade to their teaching styles to suit the needs of the students. When teachers are exposed to new teaching methods such as blended learning, flipped classroom teaching, game-based learning method and others, they prioritise active learning and ensure that each student is understanding and  participating. 
  • Better learning outcomes: There are no two ways that professional development for teachers benefits students the most. Continuous professional development enables teachers to plan their classwork better. Teachers are able to plan and choose activities that are aligned with clearly defined learning outcomes.  When teachers adopt a student-centric approach, the learning outcomes tend to improve. 
  • Better organisational and planning skills: Besides spending hours teaching in the classroom, teachers have a lot to do. From grading to curriculum development, teachers  spend a lot of time doing paperwork. Thinkroom programme has a technologically advanced LMS (learning management system) that allows schools to integrate scheduling into teacher and student accounts. When teachers are trained to use the LMS, they become  better at planning their time and staying organised. The LMS helps teachers in assigning, grading and assessing assignments. This makes teachers more efficient and gives them more time to focus on students.
  • Gain industry insights:While teachers are subject matter experts, it is equally important for them to know what is happening in the education sector as a whole. Professional development programs present opportunities for teachers to exchange notes with teachers of other subjects and expand their knowledge base. They also gain industry insights which are essential for teachers who aspire to take on educational leadership roles.

Written By: Chrysalis