The Art of Better Questioning in Classrooms

Posted by Sunitha Anupkumar on November 13, 2020

The art of asking the right questions needs to be necessarily built into the teaching-learning processes in our classrooms. While learning, ‘Questioning the answers is as important as answering the questions’. And children need to learn this in their formative years.

It is essential that children don’t just learn the facts and concepts, but also learn to analyse, compare, contrast, make their own inferences and find solutions to the common problems around them. In short, they need to be critical thinkers. When children think critically, they look upon the knowledge that they already possess about something and use it to link and connect with newer knowledge to solve problems.

 Here's a video that talks about how a adopting a ‘questioning-based approach’ to learning can nurture children to be critical thinkers.


Critical Thinking - Short Video

As a first step, get a better understand on the 'types' of questions and an easy chart to help you frame right questions for a topic in class. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW.



Believe in the child

Because, the world believes in you

Every child in your school has a unique and extraordinary contribution to make, in building a beautiful world. And the power to help them fulfill this purpose lies with you, the School Leader. To believe in who they truly are, and not what the society wants them to be.

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