How to Create a Culture of Questioning in Classrooms? - #smallBIGidea2

Aug 7, 2021 9:00:00 AM | #smallBIGIdeas How to Create a Culture of Questioning in Classrooms? - #smallBIGidea2

Build a culture of questioning in classrooms using this very simple, small but actionable idea. Both teachers & children would love it. Read on!


Children have an innate curiosity of everything around them. But they gradually stop asking. Ever wondered why? We serve things to them on a platter. Leaving no room for questioning. Dictation words, revision questions, fill in the blanks with answers given...where is the space for them to question, think and explore? How can we create a culture of Questioning in our schools?

The art of asking the right questions needs to be necessarily built into the teaching-learning processes in our classrooms. While learning, ‘Questioning the answers is as important as answering the questions’. 

It is essential that children don’t just learn the facts and concepts, but also learn to analyse, compare, contrast, make their own inferences and find solutions to the common problems around them. And children need to learn this in their formative years.

Presenting...#smallBIGidea - 2

Create a Question Wall in Your Classroom

1 Have a white board+marker/pin-up board or even a plain chart paper on one wall of the classroom. Make sure it is at eye level for the child.
2 Write the words “I ASKED A QUESTION TODAY :) ...”
3 During the lesson, encourage children to post their questions on this chart.
4 Let them feel free. No restriction on what they post there.
5 Let the teacher encourage and appreciate every time someone posts there. Let the teacher answer the questions the best way possible
6 If they do not know the answer, that’s fine too...they could get back again the next day!


Pedagogic “Why” for this #SmallBIGidea

Tips to make this work in classrooms:

  1. Appreciate the fact that the child asked a question!
  2. Children can be shy to stand up and question. So, to start with, the teacher could write the question (along with the child’s name) on the Question Wall.
  3. Try throwing the question back to the child – ask if anyone else can help answering it. Nothing like learning from peers.
  4. Address the question right then OR inform the child you will get back with an answer OR have them find out the answer themselves!

What are #smallBIGideas? 

Presenting, some #SmallBigIdeas that can transform Formative Education in your schools. They are seemingly small but definitely impactful. Because, all you would need is an open mind and a willing heart. 

What: One #smallBIGidea a week - just 1-minute reading time.  

How: #smallBIGidea sent to your email ID with link to a one-page document that explains the pedagogy and the steps to implement it.

It is these simple ideas that can go on to bring a radical transformation. In your school. For the child.

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Written By: Sunitha Anupkumar