How can Textbooks Trigger Creative Thinking? Start from the Wrapper! - #smallBIGidea - 1

Aug 4, 2021 9:00:00 AM | How can Textbooks Trigger Creative Thinking? Start from the Wrapper! - #smallBIGidea - 1

How can textbooks trigger creative thinking in children? Simple! Start from the wrapper. Here's a simple actionable idea to help you with this.


When a child opens a textbook, it is the beginning of a magical journey into learning. Let it begin on the right foot, with the child as a co-creator of his learning journey. An entry that begins with a pedagogically sound question and sets the stage for learning the subject throughout the year.

Even the textbook wrappers can be a canvas of creativity! A magic canvas where the child can explore interesting questions related to the particular subject. And lo and behold...the child now loves to pick up their textbook, show it off and go on an exciting learning journey that begins right on the wrapper itself. 

Sounds simple? A small but significant idea to break the boredom of textbooks. 

Presenting...#smallBIGidea - 1

3 Simple Steps to Nurture Creativity Through Textbook Wrappers

  1. Remove the brown covers on the textbook and cover it with a plain white paper
  2. Give the child a pedagogy-based question to write on the new white cover
  3. Let them draw, write or express their answer to the question on the white cover in
    their own unique way

Pedagogic “Why” for the #SmallBIGidea

The questions for the cover page are essentially designed based on the theory of Constructivism.

Key benefits of this idea are:

  1. Helps the child recollect his/her pre-knowledge on the subject from previous grades.
  2. Enhances the Learning experience when the child co-creates it with the teacher.
  3. Brings a sense of ownership and relevance with the core subject itself.

In an instant, the books become a CHILD’S CANVAS.

A work of art, that they will be



What are #smallBIGideas? 

Presenting, some #SmallBigIdeas that can transform Formative Education in your schools. They are seemingly small but definitely impactful. Because, all you would need is an open mind and a willing heart. 

What: One #smallBIGidea a week - just 1-minute reading time.  

How: #smallBIGidea sent to your email ID with link to a one-page document that explains the pedagogy and the steps to implement it.

It is these simple ideas that can go on to bring a radical transformation. In your school. For the child.


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Written By: Sunitha Anupkumar