Back to School Ideas to Help Kids Ease into In-Person Schooling

Oct 27, 2021 12:07:43 PM | #chrysalis Back to School Ideas to Help Kids Ease into In-Person Schooling

10 fun back-to-school ideas that parents and kids can do together to help the kids change from informal, online classes to lively, innovative classrooms.

It’s almost November and after 2 missed ‘Back to School’ seasons, parents, teachers, and kids welcome this change.  Kids are excited to go back to school because they can meet and reconnect with their friends they’ve missed. Teachers would love to see their classrooms filled with kids again. But the story is a little different for parents because they must meet their old nemesis, the ‘early-morning rush’ once again.  Here are a few ideas to make that transition as easy as possible for kids and parents. 


Prepare the Day Before 

This is one of the sure-fire ways to the last-minute panic. After finishing the homework the day before, we can teach the kids to put back their books and stationery right away. They can also make sure that their uniforms are pressed and ready for tomorrow. This will be a good habit for them to plan ahead and your future self will thank you when you don’t have to search for the missing science assignment 10 minutes before you have to leave the house.  


‘How Was Your Day?’ in a Different Way 

Every evening, we ask, ‘What did you do today?’ in different variations. And the kid’s moods and answers depend on the day. How about we turn this into a fun activity session for the kids? We can tell them to draw, write, or even write a poem about their day. They can express themselves in any way they want. Even if they had an okay day, this gives them a chance to turn things around by doing something they like. Kids are creative and they’ll leave us surprised.  


Create a Routine 

During the pandemic, most of us have a skewed schedule. Now, it’s time to get back into a normal routine of waking up, bathing, getting dressed for the day, and going out. It’s also equally important to have regular eating and sleeping schedules. This doesn’t happen overnight so it’s important to keep practicing it for a few days till it becomes the norm.  


Decorate Their Gears 

Arts and crafts are always a hit with the kids. Combine that with their love for new school stationery and they will have an entertaining activity in their hands. They can decorate their schoolbags with fabric paint and glitter. Also, they can personalize their notebooks and pencils with stamp arts and brightly patterned washi tape. This will get them excited to go to school and show their upgraded school supplies to their friends.  


Handmade Gifts and Cards 

Is there a better way to greet someone other than giving them gifts? Kids can do little things like ‘Welcome Back’ popup cards for their friends and ‘Thank You’ cards for their teachers. They can also do simple crafts like covering pencils in colored paper and giving them out to their friends. Little things like these will give extra cheer to people around them to start their day.  


Lunch Box Riddles 

Include a riddle, puzzle, fun fact, or even a silly joke in their lunch, every day. Even the picky eaters will look forward to lunch period and kids can talk amongst themselves to solve the brain teasers. 


Let Them Help as Sous-chefs 

Children love to cook even if the kitchen is the forbidden place of the house. But they’re so eager to help and learn so why waste an opportunity? They can help prepare the next day’s lunch and they will be more likely to enjoy the food when they eat it. We can start by giving them small tasks like measuring and mixing and as they grow older, we can teach them to peel and chop using kid-safe knives. This will also be a chance to teach them about nutrition and help them develop healthy eating habits.  


Set aside Time for Sports 

Kids are active and lively. It’s up to us to help them direct their energies in an enjoyable way. Let us try to spend at least half an hour with them playing an outdoor game of their choice. Kids love to challenge themselves to play better and playing with an adult is a welcome treat. They can also show the new game tactics they’ve learned to their friends in school.  


Having Fun Traditions 

Children love special days like birthdays and festival days. So why not make Back to School days fun too? We can start with a delicious dinner the day before and clicking a family picture on the day of with the kids dressed up in their uniforms. Parents can make up little traditions of their own which the kid will look forward to.  


3 Things to Be Thankful For 

Every evening, kids can write 3 things they’re grateful for on a card. At periodic intervals, they can share their thoughts with their friends and talk about them. This will be a good lesson in appreciating what they have and counting their blessings.


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Vasumathi Muthaiyan

Written By: Vasumathi Muthaiyan