A Day in a Social Studies Class - #ChildrenOfChrysalis

Nov 19, 2019 2:36:30 PM | A Day in a Social Studies Class - #ChildrenOfChrysalis

In a Chrysalis classroom a child's thinking and learning is visible in every 40 minute period. Read on for sneak peek into what happens in a Chrysalis school.

This is a Social Studies class on ‘New Religions’ of the world. But this is not just about learning the years in Lord Buddha's life or the basic tenets of Buddhism. The children explore these tenets on their own.

Think deep.

Discuss the efficacy of the tenets in their every day life. And draw their own conclusions and answers.

This we strongly believe, is the first step towards learning. When a child is free to think, explore, learn, make mistakes and re-learn/un-learn, they move a step closer towards awakening their extraordinary Human Potential. This kind of stimulation of the mind happens habitually and consistently in every 40 minute period in a Chrysalis school. And we love the transformation that’s visible every day!


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Written By: Sunitha Anupkumar