A Tale of Two Inspired School Leaders

Posted by Sunitha Anupkumar on November 30, 2019

Transformation in learning is not a momentary wave. At Chrysalis, we believe it is like a ripple. A ripple that grows and builds itself up, gaining strength as it moves forward, and most importanly, causing more ripples on its way. 

This was exactly what we witnessed this week through two inspired school leaders. Both so passionate about their cause for education, that they didn't stop at just owning a vision, but they took a step forward to learn and share their learning from another school.

On 26th November 2019, Principal and teachers of Narbhavi Vidyalaya, Neyveli, travelled more than 200 kms to witness, learn and explore the transformation through Chrysalis Systematic Change Programme at a fellow Chrysalis school - The Oasis Public School, Kaveripakkam.


School Collaboration Presentation

Thanks to the amazing efforts of Sandhya Venkatraman and her enthusiastic team members - Divya and Srinath, co-owning the vision of awakening the Human Potential in every child is reaching a whole new level. Two school leaders at a time.




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Believe in the child

Because, the world believes in you

Every child in your school has a unique and extraordinary contribution to make, in building a beautiful world. And the power to help them fulfill this purpose lies with you, the School Leader. To believe in who they truly are, and not what the society wants them to be.

Chrysalis awakens a child's mind to enable whole-child development, while ensuring real academic excellence.

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