Things to Expect from Thinkroom Programme

Mar 17, 2022 12:13:24 PM | ThinkRoom programme Things to Expect from Thinkroom Programme

Chrysalis ThinkRoom is an educational resources for teachers and the best blended learning programmes that equips teachers with progressive teaching methods.

Chrysalis ThinkRoom is one of the best blended learning programmes that equips teachers with progressive teaching methods. The programme helps teachers and educators to explore students’ maximum potential. If you are planning to implement ThinkRoom programme in your school, here is what you can expect: 
  1. Say goodbye to rote learning: Chrysalis ThinkRoom programme is designed to cater to the needs of the modern. It takes a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to learning. Unlike traditional teaching, it doesn’t involve lecturing or one-way communication. Rather learning is presented as a journey through a combination of class lessons, videos and audio clips, games and interactive activities. These activities replace theory with practice or activity and are a powerful tool in helping students learn and retain key concepts. 
  2. Learn beyond the classroom: Our ThinkRoom programme comes with an LMS portal that allows students to dwell on topics outside the classroom. Solving questions and doing quizzes during free time is a fun and stress-free way to learn outside the classroom. 
  3. Designed to focus on holistic learning experience: Chrysalis ThinkRoom is designed carefully after extensive pedagogical research. No activity in ThinkRoom studio is random. All activities are carefully selected and adapted to enhance students' way of thinking. Every lesson is divided into parts so that students can deep dive into the 4 facets of thinking: Look Deep, Look Beyond, Look Around and Look Within. The idea behind the 4 facets is to help students not just to develop cognitive skills but also to emphasise self-reflection. 
  4. All activities are tied to learning outcomes: As mentioned above, activities are not random rather chosen carefully. All lessons are aligned with clearly defined learning outcomes based on SOLO Taxonomy. With the help of the LMS portal, parents can get clear ideas as to what was taught in the class and what their child has learnt. Parents can visually track their child’s performance on the LMS. This opens room for meaningful interaction between teachers and parents rather than just talking about grades. 
  5. Better planning of classes: The Thinkroom platform has a technologically advanced LMS (learning management system) that allows schools to integrate scheduling into teacher and student accounts. This allows for better planning for all types of classes, whether they are conducted in-class, remotely or online. Moreover, there is a varied range of activities to be done in notebooks and through digital tools so that students do not experience screen fatigue. 
  6. Teaching process simplified: The Thinkroom Programme not only helps in conducting engaging activities in the classroom but also helps teachers in assigning, grading and assessing assignments. Data-based assessments and reporting help teachers offer personalised feedback. The assessment is divided into 5 areas and there are over 40 parameters.  
  7. Freedom of Expression: One of the unique aspects of ThinkRoom is the freedom for students to express. Every parent wants their child to become a confident person and a good communicator. That cannot happen if we don’t allow our children to express their thoughts freely. There are ample opportunities in our books to allow children to express their thinking. Freedom of expression also helps the teacher understand the child deeper and brings the teacher and student closer to each other. 
  8. Emotionally Safe Learning Environment: Emotional safety of a learner is of paramount importance in a learning environment. Children should be allowed to make mistakes and learn from each other. There should be openness in teachers to learn from students and vice-versa. ThinkRoom is a safe space for teachers as well as students to make mistakes and learn. There are several tools that ThinkRoom trains the teachers on to create this emotionally safe learning environment.  
  9. Reviews and Support customised to each school: ThinkRoom is a holistic school transformation and growth programme. Just like every student is unique, every school is unique. So one of the core strengths of ThinkRoom is to help schools discover their own DNA and provide inputs and suggestions according to their own DNA. 

To implement Chrysalis ThinkRoom in your school and to take the next step towards building a community of thought leaders in the education sector, schedule an appointment.

Written By: Chrysalis